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Burman Nursery and Infant School

Our Ethos, Vision & Values

At Burman Infant School we aim to meet the needs of every child regardless of their background, ability, disability, culture, race or religion and we want each child to achieve their personal best in their learning, attitudes, behaviour and relationships.

We have a strong emphasis on Personal, Social and Emotional development and we have a ‘can do’ culture which ensures that children and adults feel good about themselves whatever their strengths or areas for development.

Our values are written by and shared with parents, carers, staff, children and governors. We have a value each half term and we expect everyone in our school community to try their best to live that value in their daily lives.

Our Burman Values

B – Believe in yourself and be the best me! (Autumn 1)

U – Understanding each other and being united. (Autumn 2)

R – Recognise your goals and reach for the stars! (Spring 1)

M – Mindfulness and mental wellbeing. (Spring 2)

A – Attitude; always trying our best, succeed and smile! (Summer 1)

N – Nurturing and caring for others. (Summer 2)

Now… and for the rest of our lives…

The adults in school lead by example, treating children, parents and carers with respect and sensitivity, and we expect children parents and carers to do the same in return.

We also aim to:

  • To provide a safe, secure and caring environment in which children achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum and in their personal development
  • To provide a wide variety of experiences suited to the age and developmental needs of the children and in line with National Curriculum requirements.
  • To encourage and develop parental interest and involvement in school life and work in partnership with them
  • To encourage enquiry and enthusiasm and develop good learning habits which aim to develop our children into life-long learners and to support them in their preparation for life beyond Burman.
  • To encourage children to become independent and confident members of their class, school and local community
  • To help children to develop self-discipline, self-respect and to encourage in them, courtesy and respect for other people and the environment
  • To help children to develop a reasoned set of personal attitudes, values and beliefs, an understanding of their world, a respect for the religious, spiritual and moral beliefs and values of others and respect for equality and diversity.