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Reception Reading Meeting Class 1 – October 2018


Summer term curriculum letter 2016 Reception

Nursery & Reception Booklet

Nursery & Reception Booklet

Reception Spring Term Curriculum 2016



Reception Curriculum Overview



Say, recognise, count and use numbers up to 10, including the

use of zero and larger numbers or those who are able.

Estimate a size of set of objects.

Understand the language of number- more, less, addition and


Recognise coins in play.

Name 3 and 2 dimensional shapes and use the language of

measures- heavy, light, full, empty, long etc

Create more complex repeating patterns.

Know the days of the week and months of the year.

Relate own personal body clock to routines in Reception class.

Work out simple practical mathematical problems using everyday




Talk with increasing confidence.

Use sustained listening skills using agreed listening rules.

Listen to and follow instructions confidently.

Hear and say beginning sounds in words and attempt to write

correct letter shapes.

Explore writing in a range of contexts- beginning to link letters

and sounds in their writing attempts.

Predict, sequence and explain simple events, using a range of

developing vocabulary.

Begin to memorise key vocabulary used for reading. Begin to use

their early reading skills to gain meaning from text.

Phonics- Learn individual letter sounds and names.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Dress independently and manage own personal


Talk about friends, thinking about others and taking


Be aware of our Golden rules and how we should


Care for the environment .

Maintain attention and concentrate for at least 5 minutes.

Be able to plan and follow through an activity they

have chosen.

Listen to and respect the experience of others with

similar and different cultures and beliefs, sharing own

feelings and experiences.

Understand that people have features that are different

but are equal to each other.


Physical,  Understanding the World,  Expressive arts & Design can all be found on the above Download