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Burman Nursery and Infant School


At Burman Infant School and Nursery, we believe that all children have the right to an environment where they feel safe, supported and valued and an education that enables them to make progress and reach their full potential.

We believe in early intervention and support children with Special Education Needs in a variety of ways:

Wave 1: good quality, inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all the children in the classroom. This includes providing differentiated work and creating an inclusive learning environment. Resources are also used to support a range of needs within the classroom e.g. pencil grips, fiddle toys, wobble cushion, weighted blanket.

Wave 2: outlines specific, additional and time-limited interventions provided for some children who are falling behind the age related expectations. Interventions are often targeted at a group of children with a similar area of need e.g. phonics, number, social skills, movement skills.

Wave 3: targeted provision for children who require a high level of additional support or specialised provision.

This includes involvement and advice from outside agencies e.g.

  • Early Years Support and Assessment Team (EYSAT)
  • Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS)
  • Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)
  • Speech, Language and Communication Disorder (SLCD)
  • Autism Team
  • Occupational Therapy

Mrs Brockie is the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) at Burman Infant School and Nursery. We value our partnership with families and like to work closely together. If you have any concerns about your child’s needs, please get in touch either by:

Phone on 0121 744 1843 or
email 7office@burman.solihull.sch.uk

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