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Special educational needs

Our aim is to help each child develop fully, both socially and intellectually, at the same time recognising that some children will experience difficulties in one or more areas of the curriculum during their school life.  We try to identify these needs as early as possible whilst informing parents of our concerns.  Most difficulties will be catered for within the child’s year or class group and may be simply due to a lack of maturity.

If the concerns persist, it may be necessary to devise an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for a child, which is reviewed with the child’s parents and teachers on a regular basis.  There might be a need to include behavioural targets for  a child who has social and emotional difficulties.  Extra support will be given in school if appropriate, using the resources that we have available.

Frequent monitoring takes place and parents are fully consulted if a child is considered for more formal external assessment.  This might be a   referral for a hearing assessment or vision check, or could involve the Educational Support Service who regularly liaise with our school. Any assessments or observations by outside agencies are conducted with parental permission.

We have a very good relationship with our school nurse who visits Burman to discuss any general problems such as bed-wetting or eating disorders with parents who have made an appointment at school.

The Special Educational Co-ordinator or SENCO is responsible for collating all Policies and documentation relating to Special Educational Needs and   reports to the Governors annually.  The SENCO attends termly courses run by the LEA and informs staff of local or national initiatives at regular staff meetings.