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Our admissions process forms part of Solihull council coordinated scheme. Parents and carers are welcome to make an appointment to visit us during the school day. Please contact the office and speak to the secretary.

Admission criteria for Solihull community schools and others

Solihull community schools and voluntary-controlled schools use these criteria for admission.

Children with a statement of special educational needs that names a school will be offered a place at that school. This will reduce the number of places at that school.

If there are more applications than places available, places will be offered in this order:

Priority 1

Looked after children in the care of a local authority (eg foster care), or previously looked after children who are now adopted, or subject to a residence order or special guardianship order, or children whose exceptional social or medical reasons can only be met by that particular school

Priority 2

Nursery and reception applications:
Children who normally live in the catchment area of the school.

Priority 3

Children who have an older brother or sister at the school at the same time.

Priority 4

Children living outside the catchment area measured in a straight line from the child’s home to school

Read Solihull council’s admission criteria explained for more information

If a priority group has more applicants than places available priority will first be given to those with an older brother or sister at the school and then to those living nearest the school, measured in a straight line from home to school.

We do not have a ‘feeder system’ where pupils from specific junior/primary schools automatically get places at particular secondary schools, nor do pupils attending a school’s nursery get a place in reception at the same school.

There is no guarantee that children living in the catchment area or children with younger brothers and sisters will be offered a place at the same school as their older sibling. The priority and distance of the last child offered a place at each school will be different each year.

Children living outside the borough but going to a primary school in Solihull are not guaranteed a place at a Solihull secondary school and should get advice from their local council.